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Welcome to my homepage.  Glad you could make it.  Pull up a chair, have a cup of coffee.

My name is Peter Hoflich, I am a Canadian English teacher living in Japan.  I have a lot of interests that I hope to explore on this website, primary of which are writing (articles, short stories, poetry), travelling, Japan, sumo, and music and film.

I hope to use this website for several purposes:

1.    To give exerpts of my writing, and to open a writing forum.
2.     To post film and music reviews.
3.     To talk about life in Japan

Please refer to the site map below and visit the pages that interest you.

  1. Caveat Emptor Press
    1. links to descriptions, tables of contents, and samples of 11 work
      detailed Caveat Emptor Press overview with links
  2. Canadian Studies class:
  3. Film:
    1. reviews
      list of films
  4. Gripes:
  5. Japan:
    1. sumo
      my sumo experience
  6. Music:
  7. Resume:
  8. Photos:
  9. Writing:
    1. stories for hire
      thumbnail sketches
More pages will be added later.

Don't forget to check out:

brother Ralph's domain        http://www.hoflich.com, don't miss his great page devoted to "Intelligent Humor" at http://www.hoflich.com/IH/
sumo club news                   http://www4.freeweb.ne.jp/sports/ksd/e-main.html or http://www4.freeweb.ne.jp/sports/ksd/e-mse.html
the other Peter Hoflich         http://abstract.as.utexas.edu/astronomy/people/hoeflich/hoeflich.html
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