Stories-For-Hire forum:

Do you need a story written for any reason?

Stories make great birthday and Christmas presents.  When I was in high school and university I wrote stories for my friends to amuse them, they loved them!

Stories generally contain four elements.  If you think about these elements, you will have a story.  Those elements are:

1. Characters
2. Location
3. Plot elements
4. The tone of the story - first person, third person, epistolary (i.e. a series of letters as in John Updike's S.), stream-of-conscience, avant garde, metafictional, post-modern, etc.

If you would like to ask me to write a story for you, please contact me with a request.  Be sure to elaborate on the above four elements in as much detail as possible, ideally including page length (or word count - a standard story would begin at 1000 words and go up), possible models (James Bond, Stephen King, etc.), kitsch value, cool factor, literary aspirations, etc.

Please contact Peter Höflich.

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