Movies of 2000

In 2000 we watched quite a few movies, over 220.  I have categorized them.  Some fall into more than one category, so they have been cross-referenced.


Cube, Shivers, Rabid, the Brood.


M, Lola Rennt, Cascadeur, Metropolis.


Kenkae Elegy, Uzumaki, Crazy Lips, Joyu Rei, Hito de nashi-no loi, Kuru wa sei tai no, Hakuchi, Fukushi suru wa ware ni ari, Marathon Dad, Senkan Yamato – Star Blazers, Zatoichi, Ageman, Po’poya, Kikujiro no Natsu, Shi-koku, A Business Panic, Hitokiri, Ring 0: Birthday, Ring, Rassen, Ring 2, The Well, First Ring, Ring TV Series, Daichi no ko, Ame Agaru, One Step on a Land Mine It’s All Over, Gemini, Kujaku, Neji Shiki, Kanzen Naru Shiiku, Kuroi Ie, Tonari no Yamada-kun, M, MOVA, Wild Zero, Momontai, Love Letter, Gonin, Evangelion, Audition.


Shuri, Yi-Paksa documentary.


6 Days 6 Nights, Discreet Charm of theBourgeoisie, Irma Vep, Repulsion, Obscure Object of Desire, Diva, Angelique 1, Contempt, Le Jetee.

Hong Kong:

Chinese Torture Chamber, Momontai.


Twin Peaks, the Sopranos (1st season), the X-Files (5th season), the Fugitive, Kingdom 1, Ring.


The Negotiator, Bound, The Perfect Crime, U-Turn, Cube, Apt Pupil, Repulsion, Obscure Object of Desire, Gonin, Simple Plan, Lola Rennt, Diva, The Beguiled, Shuri, Eyes Wide Shut, A Knife in the Water, Misery, Shadow of a Doubt, Birds, The Astronaut’s Wife, Pi, Sixth Sense, Frenzy, Ghost Dog, 8 MM, Sleepy Hollow, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Soylent Green, 12 Monkeys, X-Files 5th Season, The Bone Collector, Mad Max, the Well.


Shuri, The Mummy, Goldfinger, Who Am I?, Bad Attitude, Cascadeur, Braveheart, First Blood, First Blood: Rambo 3, Three Kings, Gladiator.


State of Grace, Everybody Loves Sunshine, Summer of Sam, Badlands, The Accused, 12 Angry Men, Another Day in Paradise, El Mariachi, Black Cat White Cat, Bullit.


Wild Things, Black Orpheus, Barton Fink, Sunset Blvd., Double Indemnity, Mildred Pierce.


Hugo Pool, A Woman Under the Influence, The First Emperor, 6 Days 6 Nights, One Night Stand, For the Love of the Game, Crazy in Alabama, Breaking the Waves, Gloria, Birdy, Bull Durham, Racing With the Moon, Brassed Off, Les Miserables, Gods and Monsters, In and Out, The Red Violin, The Magnificent Amerssons, Your Friends and Neighbors, Love and Death on Long Island, Life is Beautiful, Buffalo 66, Marty, A Streetcar Named Desire, Rumble Fish, Another Woman, Unhook the Stars, Hurlyburly, Glory, September, RKO 152, Return To Me, Little Voice, The Opposite of Sex, Little Odessa, Elizabeth, Xiu Xiu – the Sent-down Girl, The Sting, Singin’ in the Rain, Rushmore, American Beauty, The Straight Story, Chasing Amy, Say Anything,  The Green Mile.


KBCC*III, Pig Pile, Nimrod Live at O’Kayz Corral, Ladies and Gentlemen the Fabulous Stains.


Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses, Joe Versus the Volcano, Author, Author!, Swingers, The Muse, Austin Powers 2 – the Spy Who Shagged Me, The Cadillac Man, Analyze This, The Wedding Singer, Go, Ishtar, Celebrity, Raising Arizona, Broadway Danny Rose, Viva Rock Vegas, Pecker, The King of Comedy, Holy Man, Modern Times, Clerks, Living in Oblivion, Clueless, Toy Story 2.

Black comedy:

Chinese Torture Chamber, Twin Peaks, the Sopranos, U-Turn, El Mariachi, Crazy Lips, Sunset Blvd., Being John Malkovich, Waiting for Guffman, Wild Zero,


Bridge Over the River Kwai, the Thin Red Line, Apocalypse Now.


Uzumaki, Crazy Lips, Joyu Rei, Shi-koku, Ring 0: Birthday, Ring, Rassen, Ring 2, First Ring, Ring TV Series, Gemini, Kuroi Ie, Wild Zero, M, The Blair Witch Project, The Curse of the Blair Witch, Interview With a Vampire, The Bride of Frankenstein, Shivers, Casper, Rabid, The Brood, Fire Walk With Me, Audition.

Science Fiction:

Cube, The Phantom Menace, Spaceman, Blade Runner (director’s cut), Soylent Green, 12 Monkeys, Metropolis, Gattaca, Le Jetee, They Live,


Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, Irma Vep, Lola Rennt, Eyes Wide Shut, Being John Malkovich, Contempt, Le Jetee, Gummo.


Chinese Torture, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 200 Motels, Being John Malkovich, Fire Walk With Me, Fear and Loathing in LasVegas.

Woody Allen:

Broadway Danny Rose, Celebrity, September, Another Woman, the Front.

Alfred Hitchcock:

the Birds, Frenzy.

Kurosawa Akira:

Ame Agaru.


Toy Story 2, Tonari no Yamada-kun, Senkan Yamato, Evangelion, Lupin Sansei: the Castle of Cagliostro, the Snowman, Aardman Animated Shorts.


Yi Paksa, Andy Kaufman, The Front.

Comic book:

the X-Men, Godzilla 2000, Conan the Destroyer, Casper.

Shockinly Awful!!:

Spaceman, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the Bone Collector, Shi-koku, Joyu-rei, Crazy Lips, Sleepy Hollow, Sleepy Hollow.

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