CEP0000009 Peter Hoflich/Self-titled, by Peter Hoflich

(currently 105 pages long)

Peter Hoflich/Self-titled is the working title for an unfinished collection of short stories begun in 1995.  Several of the stories are metidations on the nature of the Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.  This collection is more experimental than An Alienation Almanac, they are just as eclectic as those of 123.45 Stories although somewhat longer.  Several stories attempt humorous or surreal situations, others are semi-autobiographical or follow conventional story structure.  I predict that they will be finished in early 2000.

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Table of contents:

Arguing the Presence of “Bob” in a Bobless Land – “Bob”bish philosophizing on the nature of Japan
Alien Anthologies: the Lost Interview with Andy Warhola
Two-timing Kids – if he is my kid, why is he spending so much time in another house?
Strange Visions of the Past -
I Met Her On the Lost Highway - wandering along the lost highway at night
Nobody Knows the Trouble We’ve Seen – the truth behind six assassins who are also cousins: Lee Harvey Oswald, Lee Oswald Harvey, Oswald Harvey Lee, Oswald Lee Harvey, Harvey Lee Oswald, Harvey Oswald Lee.
Tokyo Hills – 90210 – what happened to wayward young ladies who meet in cafes in the rich neighborhoods in Tokyo
Pornological Irritainments – the endless story
The the Polonius Incident Incident – pure metafiction
Fear in the City of Madness – what happens when you turn the worst opening lines of all time into short stories.
My Father, My Mother, My Brother, My Spouse – surreal, hallucinatory rambling on the nature of family.
The End of the World Blues – it started out as a pleasant weekend excursion, but little did we know…
Who Woulda Thunk? – results from actual surveys conducted in the name of research
Revenge of the Slaughter Twins/Hangover in Death City
The Hangover – It was really bad that morning…
Every Grrrrrrl I Ever Loved…
The Boat – the man wakes up from a coma to find all of his possessions and everything he needs for his daily life has been transferred to a boat adrift in the ocean.
E-Story – travel story
Techno-Hamlets in Tribal America
The Swastika – very short article on the nature of the Buddhist cross
The Brothers Dostoyevsky; a Vision in 4.5 Parts
The Continuing Dream; a Rapture in Four Parts

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