CEP00000007    Split Poems – Peter Hoflich and Jennifer Boudreaux – 27 and 38 pages long respectively

In 1999 I organized several of my poems from that year and 1998, and printed them in a split version with my old classmate Jennifer Boudreaux of Houston, Texas.  We have not met in 13 years, but have found it not difficult to communicate through the internet.


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Table of contents:

Peter Pages
20 Questions for Pete
Europe Series 1997
India Series 1998
Japan Series 1999

Jenn Pages
20 Questions for Jenn

Pete pages

20 Questions for Pete – interview of Peter Hoflich.  By Jennifer Boudreaux.

Europe Series 1997
go for poetry, go for kill
(an angel is near me
words, words are heard
Junkie Poem
1. nutrition landscapes, the junkie and his needle
watching a million porn and never seeing what a penis looks like
private bridge
then… as mysteriously as it had… it was…
my job here  eat
Octopus finger-fuck
I look out the window
soundtrack to life
Working in a box
That protein drink is made of soy powder
The little violin boy is perfect in every way
Ralph is keeping it secret
One of the Lee Harvey Oswalds acted alone…
I’ve been gone for quite some time
waking dream, winter blossoms
Repairing the new corpse
I grant Leonard Cohen a speech
Throw some more Illuminati on the tree
Beatific in wild abandon
A Beautiful harmony
Cured curled and dampened
Strangers in the time-pentacle
Patti Smith
Holotropic fission
Loved by children and dogs
Grandchester father in garage
Cataract from tears?  Removed again and again?
A Moment’s pause
Did Christ know of geology?
I will never take my hands in vain
My heart thawed this winter
People were sucking selfishness?
Every girl I was ever infatuated with fell in love with me
Dwarves over six feet tall are phonies
Last year there were
Nobody Knew about Hitler’s elves
Making out at the anti-Clinton struggle meeting
With pudding
Alien comes tot eh village
Crazy fun man
Poison (poisson)
If you do not love me I will hate myself
A morning on the coast
See what I can do well
I think so/ I sink though
I never learned the Trick
Give me tomorrow what today couldn’t
I wish that she could know how much I love he
Give me ‘nother CD!
She is haunted by ghosts
I feel like there was a novel in my head tonight
She says she liked my pictures
The days are passing, nothing is as it should be
I wannaholdyourkid and makelovetoyourwife
How are you insane?
It is painful to realize
Sweater three shades of puke.
India Series 1998
I am ready to write a poem now
She is dry confetti
Was gambling rife in Casablanca in the big two?
India the sun setting (I, the sun setting)
You may guess
Japan Series 1999
To love, to die, to rust, to rust some more
The Poor Germans
Quick – I’ll write down my thoughts
It might sound like English, but it isn’t English
Smelling slightly moldy in the train
You are a true believer (from “THX-1138”)
A future society where
Getting out at different stations
What the walls have seen
Looking for a “medium” for my “message.”
When the dreamer dreams he is dreaming
“Oh, you’re still here!”
Orgy Georgy, condoms and pie
It was literally raining buckets!
Across Necrophilia Airways Limited – ANAL
“You can think what you want… that is – if you call that thinking!”
recondite is abstruse is not easy to understand
Wind over Watter
The Void
What I Know!
As I lay dying
What is the practical function of a conscience?
A Song For Zorro
That generation
Sales, competition
The Yin-Yankee
People wherever we look
Air-conditioned cell
Repose – elusive repose
Why do People say “wait for it” in print
There’s peace in the valley, pax Americana
I think/ I’m sick
A Weekend in Nara
Ipso Facto
Preparing some shit for tomorrow
So he says to his father
Rainy day Friday
I like you because
I got the shit kicked out of me
Especially, Perhaps
They tell me a man is dead
I don’t think
Dreams - a chapter in his life is imagined
I must not stop writing
I opened a book
Ate crap drank pee slept on nails
Brandy for gulping
Philosophy is the study of
1500 years ago
Woman goes home for funeral
I met this guy on Pat Pong road.
I feel like there was a novel in my head tonight
“Oh, man, she’s gross.”
A warning to those
“We laugh that we may not cry.”
The electrical resistance of the human body
The Social Contract
Recipe for a living room typhoon
Charles Chan
I’m asking you, because I really wanna know.”
Reasons to Hate the Printed Word
Your only special power or influence
The Yend

[ The Jenn Pages ]

20 Questions for Jenn – Interview with Jennifer Bourdreaux.  By Peter Hoflich

Blueberry Wine I
Blueberry Wine II
Warm on Branch
How to Deal with a Suburban Disaster
Counterfeit Kelly
Born 10/10/69
Cloud Rabbits
Before Dad Quit Smoking
I always exhale toward the ceiling
Loving the Cyberpunk
2012 Boston/Houston
Expat Chick Rag
Expat Queen
The Only Walking Month
Art Gallery
Some Small Need for Column or Arch
I am making
Yanbu, Saudi Arabia  1984
Sliding Glass Doors
1979 – For Amy
Tracking (for JWL)
Smiley and Sparky at the Junior Prom 1978 OR Irishmen in Zambia OR Fathers and Sons
Why I Miss the Sponge
Oil Company Guesthouse Above Jakarta
Late Night Winter Flat Tire
Family Reunion
Cool Poem
Flat City Girl
Border I
Border II
Firewall Hero’s Archive
Diamond Pete’s Osaka Run
Bucket Bob’s Revenge
Beyond the Rings
On the Banks
Diamond Pete’s Snapping Needlecorps
Battlefield Helmet Haircut
King Charles’ Chunnel War
Dolly Roundup
Nolan Ryan Comes From Alvin
Wide Enough Once
Back to Texas 1999
Fine Fine Edgar Rose
Gwoyap’s (Re)Conversion
Say Anything, Crash Tourist
North Island
On Moving Back to Clear Lake from a Colder Place

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