CEP0000006  Tautological Sophism – 123 pages and counting

Tautological Sophisms is a collection of the various articles I have written over the years on various themes, from humorous to explanatory to purely theoretical.  Others describe events I have taken part in or witnessed in my years living in Taiwan or Japan, others are my cultural observations.

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Table of contents:

Movies, Books, Films… but I won’t do plays – reviews from the “STEP” column in Tainan, Taiwan.
A Magical Mystery Tour to the Mountains – weekend motorcycle trip into the mountains of Kiaohsung county.
Books, Music, Movies, Cable TV, and BOOTS!!! - reviews from the “STEP” column
Top Ten in Taiwan – unfinished top ten list
Movies, Records, Mags, THRILLS CHILLS ‘N’ SPILLS, Death and the end of the year - reviews from the December “STEP” column
M-M-M-M-M-M-M-My KTV – what is this “Car E. O. Key”?
February: the source of seemingly endless, ever-increasing SLACK!!! - reviews from the February “STEP” column
Trip South – a motorcycle ride through urban and suburban
Learning Chinese – what happens in the minds of people who begin to learn Chinese as a Foreign Language.
Putting Words Together That Have Never Been Put Together Before – observing language in children (Japanese)
My Sister: a Remembrance – because I don’t have a sister
Sophism: or Because I Conceded to Sophism, I am not Sophistic – (self-explanatory essay on thinking processes).
Scata-la-vista, Baby! – a story about going to a sayonara party at a karaoke place in Taiwan
Studying the Ways of the Barbarians to Overcome the Barbarians (in Chinese) – anecdotes about learning Chinese
Give Me That Mic: Karaoke is Not Just For Fools – what is this “Car E. O. Key”? part 2
Japan by TV – what was playing on TV, shows and commercials, in 1996
Melifluous Rumble: DJing in Taiwan
How to Open a School Overseas
A Short Essay Describing a Nine Month Trip – condensed version of the nine-month Eurasian train/car honeymoon journal
The Funeral – the funeral of a Japanese grandfather
An Alien Anthology: Asian Languages on the Run – language learning
A Motorcycle Trip Around Taiwan
How to Move to Japan and What to Do If You Want To Get Married There
Ice Cream Dreams Forever - – first impressions of my first trip to Japan
There are Anniversaries Every Year – essay on the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II.
Are Canadians Really Funnier Than Americans? – offensive top ten lists
I Can Be Funny Too – LOOK!  – the “I Hate Humor:Forwards” humor forward
Too Smart To Think Straight: A Mind To Murder by P.D. James – a review of the worst book I ever read, with quotes.
Where Did That Song Come From? – Hidden CD Tracks
Films: March 1998 to April 1999
Kurakuen: the Beverley Hills of Kansai – a review of the area I live in
A Light In The Dark: the Iconography of Buddhist Statues Explained
Science Fiction (video review) – Alien Resurrection, Event Horizon, THX-1138, Star Trek 2, Star Trek: Space Seed
Covering Up Crime (video review) – L.A. Confidential, the Usual Suspects, Absolute Power, the Third Man
Fylfot, Gammardion, Manji, Svastika – what is the Buddhist swastika?
Sumoband for Brian – a description of an afternoon sumo wrestling, followed by a live concert in Osaka
Pete-Humor Forward: the Kink of all Humor Forwards – revised king of all “I Hate Humor:Forwards”
There Ought To Be A Law – since there’s no justice in the world…
Karaokean Fun – karaoke songs some of us would like to see.
Nyorai – Buddhas of the past, present, and future in Japanese sculpture
Jizo and Miyo-o – bodhisattvas and guardians of Buddhism in Japanese sculpture
The Strangest Foreigners I’ve Ever Met
Japanese Currency – long article on the history of Japanese money and all about the modern yen.

See sample writings from Tautological Sophisms:

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