CEP00000004    Travel Diary 152 pages

In my short life, I have been fortunate to have traveled quite a bit.  I have rarely kept a travel diary, yet just after I embarked on the longest trip of my life I sensibly decided to write down what I saw, where I went, and what I did there.  The process of traveling, as well as the fact that I was the sole driver in our two-person team of travelers, kept my descriptions to a somewhat clinical descriptive level money spent, times, distances, etc.  When I returned from the trip, I added material and rounded out the daily descriptions to the best of my ability. 

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Honeymoon trip:

June 13, 1997 to March 10, 1998 - Japan, Korea, China, Mongolia, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Germany 2, the Czech Republic, Austria 2, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Greece 2, Italy/Vatican City/San Marino, Slovenia, Austria 3, Germany 3, France, Spain, Portugal, Spain 2, France 2, Switzerland 2, Germany 4, Hong Kong, Taiwan Japan 2

India trip:

December 16, 1998 to January 8, 1999

Japan trip:

February 10 to February 23, 1996

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